The Process

Get in touch!

Fill out my contact form on my booking page! Once you have done that I can send over my brochure of packages for you to read through and decide if we are a good match!


Make your selections!

Once you go through the brochure and decide you would like to move forward, make your selection for how many hours you would like to book and if you would like any "a la carte" items, such as a second photographer or rushed delivery.


Sign your contract!

Once we have everything squared away, I send over your contract to look over! It includes things like your payment schedule, rescheduling information, and when to expect your gallery delivery!


Start Planning & Schedule Engagements!

Now we are in for the long haul! I am here with you for whatever you need me for! Advice on colors, help with vendors, timeline creation, etc. You can reach out to me whenever you need to and I will do my very best to help you out!

If your package includes engagements, we can get those scheduled now!