Hi, I’m Kendall!

I'm a wedding and portrait photographer in the Reno/Tahoe area and I'm also your new best friend!

My History!

In 2017 I lost my job and decided it was time to sink or swim. I spent all of my savings on a bad ass camera and I started to let people know I was doing photos full time. Since then my schedule has been insane and I have been so blessed to have such amazing clients. I quickly fell in love with shooting weddings and getting to experience other peoples happiest moments in life. While experiencing everyone's happy moments and making so many life long friends, I met my husband Wyatt and got to have my very own happy moments with him!

I have been interested in photography since the first time I got a camera phone. I used to go around and do little photoshoots of my friends at parks in our town in Utah where I lived during high school. My mom noticed how in love with taking photos I was and signed me up for photography in school. From then on I never stopped taking photos of people. First it was a hobby and a great emotional outlet for me. Then it turned into something that I felt like I had to do all the time and the chance arose for me to make it a full time job!

My Now!

As of right now I am working to make my clients dreams come true and give them the best representation of their happiest memories. My husband just graduated nursing school, and I am beyond proud of him! Next up we are hoping to start a little family of our very own!

Fun facts

about this


I have two cats!

I'm obsessed with:

Bisque & Chowder

The Twilight Movies

Nothing makes me happier than

My favorite person is

trying new foods!

My husband!

I’m addicted to

I started this business

Soup Dumplings

December of 2017

My favorite Singer

My perfect hobby

Shania twain!


Why Should you pick me?

I am the fairy godfather of weddings!

I'm here to make sure your day

goes exactly how you want it!

I am more than just a photographer, I will put on my planner hat, my security guard hat, or whatever freakin hat I have to, to ensure that you have the best time EVER!